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Yogis shouldn’t watch football or boxing. Right?

“ I have to say I do like American football, but I don’t watch it. OK. That’s an example. I have a hard time not watching it because I do love the sport. But it’s a moral issue for me. If people are dying and becoming mentally ill from a sport, I think of it as my...

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Should Yogis Drink Coffee? PART 1

Yoga teachers get this often: “We’ll go get a cup of coffee… oh wait, do you even drink coffee? I do. But many yogis don’t. Where does this come from? Yearning for purity of body and mind are deeply entrenched in yogic traditions, so it should no surprise that...

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The Myth of Chakras

Let me be clear: I do not mean to say that chakras don’t exist. But, I can’t be sure, since nobody has been able to “measure” these energy centers in the body. Having said that, the fact that science has not found them does not mean that they do not exist. Let's...

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