We believe Yoga is ALIVE...

If you want to get ancient wisdom without stagnation... keep reading.

Yoga practice is much richer when you understand it’s science –without dogmas.

As teachers we have the responsibility to understand it, improve upon it, and make it work for people who do not live in a cave.

Akila Yoga was born out of the need to offer a more modern take on Yogic teachings.

Keeping the intention to capture the purest essence of what Yoga has to offer, we want you to experience it in a way that is more universal and accesible.

We offer a practice that is deeply influenced by modern medicine, physical therapy, and overall scientific methodology.

Akila Yoga acknowledges that the essence of Yoga is directed towards questions that are not studied by science, and we fully embrace the mysteries of life and that which we cannot understand.

At the same time, we are committed to being as objective as we can, to review our biases whenever possible, and to revise our understanding as new evidence is gathered.

This commitment to truth permeates everything we do, and is a maxim we hope will shape our teaching and practice.