Look how happy I was in my walker!

My mother told me that one of the things that made me the most happy when I was a baby was gliding through the house in my walker (which is like giving wheels, speed and liberty to an infant that can’t walk yet).

7 years later, when I went to New York for the first time, I saw something that changed me forever: a man in a suit rollerblading through the streets. I remember having thought “when I grow up, I am going to do that!”

At 19 years old I moved to New York to attend University. The first thing I did? I bought a pair of skates and I learned how to rollerblade!

Jokingly, my friends would ask me if I slept with the rollerblades on… they were my mode of transportation within 40 blocks in any direction . Not only did I get everywhere quickly, but the feeling of freedom and fun that they gave me was indescribable.

However, after one year I started to get pain in my right knee. A pain that would wake me up in the nights. I went to the doctor and he told me that I needed to stretch. Which is how I started to do yoga.

But, it wasn’t enough so they sent me to physical therapy. This also was not enough. Eventually I wound up in the office of an orthopaedic knee specialist.The problem is that he was a specialist in knee operations. Consequently a few weeks later I was leaving the operating room with a small arthroscopy in order to help my knee go back to normal.

On many occasions I made mention of the rollerblades, but still none of the doctors or physical therapists evaluated my movement, strength and flexibility in the hips and ankles. Apparently this cutting edge knowledge of modern physical rehabilitation was still unknown by these professionals. 

Today I understand perfectly why my right knee in particular was giving me pain. I always used my right leg sideways to brake when I was rollerblading which over time lead to a major muscular imbalance that affected my knee. Simply to have balanced the muscles in an effective and conscious manner would have eliminated the pain without the need to operate.

Many of us begin to do a new physical activity that tends to make our imbalances more pronounced. Others, we feel the impact of sitting for long periods of time. To live in such a way so disconnected from our natural movements inevitably will create problems, short term or long term.

To understand how to balance our body is essential for a happy life… pain free.

All of Best wishes,