Yoga Therapy

Thinking of getting a corticoid shot? WAIT!

Corticosteroids. Sometimes they call them "steroid shots". The most common ones are Metilprednisolone, Dexamethasone y Prednisolone, and there are dozens of medications containing these synthetic hormones. Even though you can get immediate relief with these kinds of...

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Don’t Go to the Surgeon Yet!

They say that the carpenters often see nails everywhere…

And when it comes to your back pain, if you go to a surgeon you are about 28 times more likely to get a surgery than if you had gone to a chiropractor (or perhaps an…

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How Much Should I be Stretching?

This is a question that not all do, but should know if you are going to stretch to help your body.   No need extreme flexibility: that's an exaggeration! I recommend you read this article before you read the headline: "Are you sure you need to stretch?"   Once you've...

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Good Yogi, Bad Yogi: drogi, rogi, bogi and yogi

I remember being in the reception area at my Yoga studio in Panama, when a woman came in complaining, demanding that we give her money back immediately. Even though she really did not have valid reasons for her complaint, we gave her money back anyway. After she left...

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What is Ashtanga Yoga?

The following article is controversial and may not appeal to everyone … but I think it is important to call things by their name.

Some people think Ashtanga Yoga is a modern, athletic style of yoga that links postures with breathing. This is a misunderstanding…

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Between Pleasure and Pain

My mother told me that one of the things that made me the most happy when I was a baby was gliding through the house in my walker (which is like giving wheels, speed and liberty to an infant that can’t walk yet). 7 years later, when I went to New York for the first...

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Breathing and Meditation

How to Re-Wire Ourselves for Happiness

Your boss tells you 19 things that you are doing well, but tosses in one that you could improve upon, of all 20 which one stays on your mind? The negative, of course! We would consider a person who never lies a liar if we catch them in one lie. But, we wouldn’t...

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Kundalini Energy: will it make you go crazy?

"Like lions, elephants and tigers are tamed, so vital energy (prana) must be tamed. Otherwise, it can kill the practitioner." Hatha Yoga Pradipika (chapter 2, verse 15) Much has been said over the years about Kundalini energy, one of the most striking: out of control,...

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How Yoga Helps With Depression

According to the World Health Organisation more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression worldwide. There are ranges of intensity of depression, someone could be suffering from a mild case without knowing it if… You don’t get any sun. If you work all...

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Hernia, protrusion, bulging: everything you need to know.

If you went to the doctor with back pain, there is a high probability that the diagnosis ended up being some version of a hearniated disc. ¿How did I know?Because it is perhaps the most common diagnosis given for back pain, or sciatica. Most people with this kind of...

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Hot or Cold: Which is better?

(Updated 2017)   This is a fairly complete guide, for anissue that "should be simple". It is not, and it is worth to understand this subject, for the rest of your life. You will benefit from reading, because you will be able to find relief without the risks and side...

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