Yoga Therapy

With Back Pain, Should I Exercise or Rest?

(Updated 2017) Often people ask me "if I have back pain, should I exercise?” I would love to tell you that the answer is simple... In principle, if you get my emails you have probably already ruled dangerous reasons of back pain, and get access to, what I call,...

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One Leg is Longer Than the Other!

Measure the length of the legs is not easy! We all have asymmetric bodies In fact, after more than 10 years of teaching thousands of people, I have NEVER found a person who is completely symmetrical.   If that's true, then... How can your back hurts if we have only...

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Do You Recommend Using the Elliptical With Back Pain?

Elliptical machines, or elliptical cross trainers, can aggravate back pain in some people, particularly in certain cases of herniated discs.   In a specific study, by one of the most recognised doctors in the field of low back pain, Stuart McGill, which demonstrates...

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Buddha, Messenger of Peace

Dan Stevenson lived in the same neighborhood in Oakland, California for 40 years. And even though crime had always been a problem in his neighborhood, Dan never once called the police. He preferred to not get involved. Until one day he had had enough and he decided to “take the bull by the horns.”

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Three Lessons Learned in My First 8 Months of Fatherhood

I hope I don’t sound out of line sharing lessons that I have learned as a father in such a short amount of time… But I hope that this will be helpful for others as we near Father’s Day.    1) It’s all about the Mother During her first year of life, the feeling of...

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Yoga Styles

This post is for Yoga Styles, which is to say the “brands” of yoga, rather than its branches. If this is confusing, go first to this post, where I explain the difference vs Yoga Styles Branches of Yoga….

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Breathing and Meditation


The Myth of 8 Hours of Sleep

 For several years, every time I would start my research about sleep, the only thing I came across were articles of experts recommending between 7 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you? While it is true that waking up many times...

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U.S. Elections: a Yogic perspective

Many people believe that Yoga and Politics shouldn’t mix. After all, Yoga is about personal enlightenment, not about the power of free markets, or the need for regulation, or the value of immigration… And although this particular lesson could apply to any political...

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