Reduce back pain

with just 1 hour

of exercises a week

This Program has a guarantee
your doctor would never give you…

Imagine needing no more pills, chiropractors or massages…


Isnt’t it strange how chronic back pain is an EPIDEMIC?
Something is happening today, provoking millions of cases like yours.


Why so many people with back pain?
Why wasn’t it like this 50 years ago?


The answer to these questions is possibly the key that has let me help many people that were already thinking about surgery.

I can’t help100% of the cases. But I can help most.

The question is… are you a part of this group?
There’s only one way to know.

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Teresa had already scheduled her surgery. Although somebody convinced her to visit me… she came without much hope.

After an exploratory visit, I asked her to give me an opportunity to show her some exercises.

After about 20 minutes, I asked her to stand up and walk around the room.

Once she sat back down, Teresa started to cry.

She told me she never thought that with a little exercise she could notice that type of improvement, and asked me if I thought she could avoid the surgery.

I said yes, and a couple months later, Teresa had gone back to her normal life.

And her case… is very common.

The question is: why some programs work and some don’t…


“Exercise may be the most effective way to speed recovery from low back pain and help strengthen back and abdominal muscles.”

National Institute of Health

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1 Awake sleeping muscles

As a Yoga therapist, people think that all I do is stretch.

That is a MISTAKE!

The way you sit, stand and walk changes your body little by little. And our lifestyle… is not usually very good for our body!

That’s why right at this moment, while you read these lines, some of your muscles have “gone on strike”.

The technical term is called “muscle inhibition” – and the result of that “strike” is double:

a) other smaller muscles are irritated because they are trying to do the work of the big ones

b) the bones begin to move in an inefficient way, and that irritates the body even more!

You may have heard that you have to strengthen your abdomen to heal your back. That’s true … but not the way you think.

It is not about doing the abdominal exercises you see on TV.

That would harm you more!

You have to learn to strengthen the muscles that “stabilize” the body. This allows you to use the muscles as they were designed, and return to your body to its natural state – that is, without pain!

The best part of this is that you do not need to become a bodybuilder to give back to your body the strength you need to live pain-free.

Of course … the exercises that I offer will tonify the body… so don’t blame me if people start praising you for your good looks 🙂


2 Recover your range of motion

Because this program has Yoga postures, some have the idea that I’m going to put them into impossible contortionist positions.


You do not need extreme flexibility. In fact, the stretching you need is not too much to get your body back to its natural, pain-free movement.

In most cases of chronic pain, the body gets used to moving in a very limited way. That limited and unnatural movement irritates the body!

I will show you how to stretch in a simple, easy, and even fun way … that’s my specialty!

3 Use your mind to heal

The best scientific studies use what scientists call “the placebo effect” to find out if a treatment is more effective than a sugar pill.

This means your mind can help patients heal if they believe they are getting appropriate treatment.

It is amazing how the mind can improve or make your back pain worse.

And knowing how to use the mind to relieve and recover is one of the biggest differences this program has in comparison to conventional therapies.

This is one of the most important keys, and one of the things that distinguishes my program from the best programs that rehabilitation medicine has been able to generate.

Now you can have the perfect combination of these three keys …

and use them to finally get rid of your back pain!!

5 reasons

why this program is so effective

1 The most advanced knowledge.

When I started this work, I used the knowledge I gained through my Yoga Therapy training, cranio-sacral therapy and therapeutic massage

The results were fantastic, and I used a protocol that was very successful in a scientific study of the NIH (US National Institute of Health).

But I knew that the protocol could improve, make the results come faster, more easily.

Luckily, today the world’s pioneers in physical therapy, chiropractic, and sports medicine are teaching the most advanced techniques through courses, books and conferences.

In the last 10 years this field has advanced a lot.

Now you can take advantage of the knowledge that comes from these latest advances, shared by the most brilliant minds in the field of rehabilitation!

As if that were not enough…

You will also have the proven knowledge of Yoga to use your mind in the recovery process … and this element is like putting a TURBO on all muscle exercises.

Three years of pain went away in 3 weeks – literally!

I had tried everything – physiotherapy, chiropractic, even a cortisone injection into the spinal nerve, nothing happened until I started my personalized training with Mijael.

Mijael helps me understand the importance of connecting the mind and body in healing physical problems.
Through sequences of exercises, postures and meditations, my back pain disappeared and my inner happiness has begun to return! What a wonderful thing, to get up without pain!

Maia Sponseller


Mijael is an integral therapist: his patience and love reflects the deep knowledge he has of the human body and the differences in each person.

I had already been in his yoga classes which are the best, but a back pain that immobilized me, allowed me to approach him as a therapist, in a short time and with some super simple exercises I regained my quality of life.

I recommended him even with my mom who has improved her mobility incredibly. Thank you very much Mijael 🙂

Iviett Serrano

Specialist in Social Responsability

2 The Minimum Effective Dose (MED).


Many people go to physical therapy sessions that last an hour. They must go sometimes 5 times a week … that’s a long time!!

If someone offered you better results in much less time … would you take it?

Research in modern medicine always seeks to know the minimum effective dose needed for a medication to work.

This program has the same intention: to use the most effective exercises and with super efficient sequences.

The program has 3 different sequences, each of only 20 minutes.

The goal: to make the minimum effort necessary to be able to change what is causing the pain.

3 times a week. 20 minutes each. That is all!


3 Use the right muscles.

This was a problem I found very often at the beginning of my career, and one of the things that many therapists forget…

For the exercises to be effective, it is important to activate the correct muscles.

Over the years, I have found modifications to the postures and movements, so that your body finds those muscles more intuitively.

You still need to be conscious of your body, of course, but this differentiates this program from simply doing exercises: I will help you to pay attention to the sensations of the body, so that you can strengthen the right places.

You do not have to be a Yogi. No matter if you have never exercised in your life, you can train your body in the right places.

I got to do yoga therapy with Mijael for an injury that came from my running mechanic and not from an incident.

I had gone before to other types of physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs, without any relief.

After months of pain and suffering, I had to stop training.

In total there were two months with 4 sessions where he gave me an exercise plan to do every day.

Pain relief was very quick and I also found a discipline that taught me many things about myself and my own body. With patience and effort I managed to get out of pain.

Ana María Guardia


4 Easy and fun.

We put a lot of love into these videos!

  • Life is better with a little humor.
  • Smiles guaranteed!
  • They were recorded with very good camaras, and they look fabulous.
  • The postures can be seen clearly, so you can see the details.
  • The music is super relaxing. It really helps a lot.
  •  The instructions are very clear, and soon you will do the sequences without having to watch the videos.

5 Count with my support.

The videos are only a part of the program.

But many of us need more support; someone to remind us to do the exercises, that motivates us to continue forward, and that keeps us informed.

That is why during the first 30 days (what will take you to build your habit), you will receive emails from me giving you the support and motivation you need.

You will also have access to our exclusive members only section, where you can see videos that explain in more detail some postures, and different things you can do during the day to accelerate your recovery.




One session with a professional

The physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist will ask you to go several times a week to their office.

Round trip driving time, waiting for the therapist, cancellations…

And in many cases, the best they can do is relieve your pain for a few days.

Even in cases where they can help you in the long run, only 10 sessions could cost you an arm and a leg!

Holistic Program for
Back Pain

1) Comfortable: 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Practice wherever you want, whenever you want to.

2) Support when you need it: Mini-workshops to make postures even more effective, and receive emails that motivate you and keep you on the road to recovery!

3) Guaranteed results: No doctor or professional will guarantee results. Look below, you will see a amazing guarantee.


What is the price for the Program?

It took a long time to produce this program.

The result can save you thousands of dollars for surgeries, massages, physical therapy, chiropractic, and pain medications. To teach you the content of the program with private lessons, the price could be above $1,000, and in a group workshop, up to $450.

The good news:
you will pay less than 10% with this program.

Since I do not have to teach you personally, I can offer the program at a much more affordable price. I want you to have this program, NO RISK, for 90 days before deciding if you keep it, for only $67 USD $47 (discount price).

Will you mail me the videos?
This is an online program, and you can access the videos wherever you are, so long as you have a decent internet connection for streaming videos.
What if I still have pain after using your Program?
You should see improvements within 2 weeks, if you are practicing regularly (3 times a week, each day a different sequence). If you are still not getting results after 2 weeks please write to us, we will issue a refund no questions asked.

Take your time and
try the Program for 90 Days.


If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your results in 90 days, just write us an email and we will give you your money back. No ifs or buts, no bad vibes. I just want satisfied customers, and wouldn't want you to invest in a program that is not right for you.

Your purchase will be done in a secure site, and I deliver in my promise, because I am commited to your well being.

How do I dare give you this guarantee?

I have enough experience doing this.

I have placed so much effort in this course, I wholeheartedly believe in it.

Pedagogy goes first, so there are workshops that will explain how to practice before you start moving.

There are no circus postures. Just simple and effective movements that you can adapt to your body, and which work for most back pain problems.

This is the process: press the button with blue letters and it takes you to the place of purchase. Although you will see the Paypal symbol, you do not need to have an account with them to pay, only a credit card. You put your information, and that’s it.

In a few moments you will have access to the course in your computer…

I am committed to helping people alleviate their pain. I want to help you by putting into your hands the knowledge that will allow you to be able to relieve your pain on your own. Honestly, I think even if you paid double, it would still be worth it. But it will not cost twice as much. At least not today.


Still not convinced?

Perhaps you have these questions…

But I’m not flexible at all!

Remember, I wasn’t either. Yoga not only makes you more flexible, it will make you feel better in your body, with your body.

The postures that I teach, and the way that I do it, will allow you to enjoy the practice regardless of your level of flexibility or strength.

And if I have a lot of overweight?

Good Question. Again, I’m not looking for circus postures. There are many ways to adapt postures, many of which are covered specifically within the course.

The rest, you will see that when you understand the principles, it will be easier to modify on your own.

What style of Yoga am I going to learn?

The style of Yoga I teach is called Akila Yoga. Akila means “Universal” or “Integral.” Its principles make it possible to practice any other style of Yoga that you want, after learning it.

Their principles of alignment are highly related to the principles of movement preferred by most physiotherapists trained in the most modern techniques of their profession.

My religion allows it?

Don’t worry: I’m not going to teach you anything religious!

In fact, very religious people of any faith and even atheists are comfortable in the way I share Yoga.

My intention is to share in the most universal way possible, because I believe that the language of love, generosity, honesty, is a language that all human beings can consider valuable, regardless of our particular beliefs.

When we are more relaxed and connected with ourselves, it is easier to be better people – this is promoted by all religions 🙂

How long will it take to do the postures well?

This is a misleading question. There is no such thing as doing them “well” -there is such a thing as paying attention to them. There is such a thing as doing them in a way that feels good for our body.

That’s exactly what this course is about. From helping you find how to practice to make you feel good and have good results, not to try to look like someone else. Sometimes the postures look very different from what you see in the magazines and they feel great in your body … but the moment you focus on “looking” in some specific way, you forget how the posture should feel.

And if I have an injury?

Although the course has many modifications that you can do if the postures cause you pain, this is not a Yoga Therapy course, and it is not designed to treat specific conditions or pain.

Many people practice yoga and feel better in their body despite the injuries, but it would be ideal to work with a professional in the world of rehabilitation medicine.

And remember: It is always a good idea to see a doctor before starting any exercise program.